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Tritium Monitoring and Measurement

diagonal Front MRB500.jpg

MRB500 Oxidizing Bubbler

Precise and comprehensive tritium monitoring with six collection vials, the MRB500 conveniently resides in a rack or a shelf while autonomously managing sampling in stack house or laboratory conditions.


MRB100 HTO Bubbler

A single stage tritium bubbler collection instrument designed for fixed station operation.  The MRB100 provides efficient and reliable results for HTO measurements.

portable bubbler .jpg

NPP3XS Portable Bubbler

Small enough to carry and transport with ease, the NPP3XS offers accuracy and reliability in a small package.

Beta Scintillation Detectors

BSD Anchor

BSD275/BSD133 Beta Scintillation Detector

BSD133/BSD275 Beta Scintillation Detectors are customizable solutions to provide accurate and efficient measurements of high concentration tritium in your process systems.

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