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About Us

Mound Technical Solutions was founded at the former Mound Laboratories site in March 1996. With the help of those who invented the first Bubbler at Mound Labs, MTS entered the tritium collection industry, and quickly expanded into custom tritium handling systems and contracting engineering services. In 2005, Mound Technical Solutions continued to expand, adding analytical instrumentation and services. MTS gained extensive experience and expertise in the testing of fuel cell power products of various platforms.  In the past decade, Mound Technical Solutions has continued to enhance both products and services and provide solutions throughout the globe.  Mound Technical Solution's tritium monitoring instruments are continuously enhanced and joined by new technologies to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to global markets.


History of the Bubbler

1973          HTO / HT differential Bubbler using ethylene glycol collection and high efficiency oxidation developed at AEC (DOE) Mound Laboratories 

1973 Bubbler.jpg

1985          Series 5000 Tritium Bubbler  deployed at Mound for stack and tributary monitoring, leak checking, environmental monitoring, and laboratory analysis

1985 Bubbler.png

1996          Mound Technical Solutions introduces the MRB500 with first units installed at Mound and then shipped around the globe

1996 Bubbler.png

Present         Mound Technical Solutions continues to advance existing models and is designing the next generation of Bubblers

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