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MRB500 Carbon-14 Monitor

MRB500 Carbon-14 Monitor

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The MRB500 Carbon-14 Bubbler Collection Instrument provides the accurate and sensitive carbon-14 measurements that are needed for environmental measurements, analytical research, and regulatory reporting.The MRB500 autonomously manages sample collection and flow/volume measurements and collects tritium in separate sets of standard liquid scintillation vials for measurement in your facilities existing liquid scintillation counter (LSC/Tri-Carb). 

CO2 and CO / organics (hydrocarbons) species of sampled carbon-14 are differentially collected in a two-stage collection process using our certified high-efficiency oxidizer.  Designed for continuous and unattended operation, the MRB500 facilitates ease of operation and high accuracy results.

Sample periods can be as short as an hour or up to a week or more.  During the sample period, the MRB500 manages the collection and reports any issues with various alert methods.  At the end of the sampling period, the sample vials are measured in the LSC while a fresh set of vials collect for the next sample period.

Exchanging collection vials and aliquoting the sample into scintillation cocktail for LSC measurement is the only labor involved.  There is no need for time-consuming processing of the sample as is typical with desiccant collectors.  The measurement integrates no false positive measurements as found with ion chamber technologies.  The result is comprehensive measurement of all carbon-14 species for analytical, environmental regulatory, and personnel protection measurements.

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