Mass Spec Sensor Module
Closed ion source, Durable Yittria coated element
0-100 AMU (wider spectrum options available) PPM Sensitivity
Both FC and EM Ion Detecion Modes

Dry-Pumped Vacuum Module
Fully integrated vacuum system
Control panel reports all operating conditions
Automatic protection of MS from inadequate Vacuum

Automated 8 Capillary Sampling Module
Highly Compatable Stainless Steel Construction, Heated (100C)
Expert Assistance with Capillary sizing for application
Continuous/Batch/Automated/Manual Modes

MoundTech Sample, Measurement, and Analysis Software
Sample selection and sequencing, update every 2 seconds
All data time stamped and Excel compatable
Real-Time Composition Analysis Software (Mole% & Partial Pressure)

Comprehensive and Compact Mass Spec Gas Analysis System
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